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I have several projects that I am working on that I will continue to do TFP for. Traditionally TFP stands for "Time For Pictures." Since the images I am in need of are for my projects, I am willing to do two unique shoots; one for my project and one for the model, with the understanding that we each keep our own set and have no rights to the other set.

One is a calendar of women in nature images. Most of these will need to be shot during the spring, summer and fall.

The second is a book of my poetry with complimentary images. Some of these will need to be outdoor shots.

I will be looking for models to start working with me on both these projects early next spring. If you are a model and are interested in working on either of these project, please contact me.

I am also a writer and a poet. I am currently in the process of working on a collaborative erotic fantasy novel with the working title "Hidden Design" with two other writers; Diane Turnshek and Kevin Hayes.

I've designed a promotional poster for the novel that can be viewed in the second gallery on my Photoshop Gallery page.